CACY Parent Educators are available to provide tips, strategies, support and tools for parents to manage a variety of parenting needs from prenatal through teen years. Individual or small group sessions are available via in-person or virtual interactive sessions.

Parenting topic areas are designed to meet specific family needs. Some example topics included are not limited to:

  • Parenting style survey
  • Understanding each stage of child growth & development
  • Stress reduction tips and self-care
  • Money management
  • Organization & Time management
  • Creating manageable work/ family life balance
  • Helpful bedtime strategies
  • Home safety strategies and checklist
  • Establishing house rules and expectations
  • Effective Discipline strategies
  • Developing social and emotional skills
  • Creating positive parent-child communication
  • Creating school-home connections
  • Nutrition and healthy snacks
  • Toilet training tips
  • Dealing with tantrums
  • Managing children’s on-line safety
  • Resisting peer pressure
  • Healthy decision-making

Contact Molly Sandvik at for information regarding CACY parenting services.

Family Fun Events

Quarterly activities bringing families and their children together. Encourages positive family interaction through games, experiences, and crafts. Watch for upcoming events on the CACY website or social media links.

Links for Parents/ Caregivers